Interactive Dance Parties

Completely Portable for Any Occasion

The Fusion Factory Interactive Dance Parties is unlike any other entertainment service! Located in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, we combine live DJ mixing services with the latest technology. In addition to the most complete mix of hit music to guarantee no empty dance floors, we add sound-activated lighting, video projection, and wild games to keep the party jumping!

The Fusion Factory advantage means you get the entire package for the same low price. In most cases, we deliver:

  • NO Setup Charge
  • Multiple DJs
  • 1200 watt sound system
  • No additional charge for lighting
  • No additional charge for interactive games on our big screen
  • Just Added: Videogrpahy!

Transform your school into a dance club!

We bring our full-featured stage to any location. Our versatile DJs can cater to any event of any size, including:

- Beach Parties
- Island Parties
- Block Parties
- School Dances/Graduation
- Birthdays
- Team Wind-ups
- Weddings/Anniversaries
- Corporate Events

Featured Video

Bruno Mars is the man!

Interactive Interaction

As a part of the Storm Group of Companies, The Fusion Factory contributes to "The Eye of The Storm". Check it out for up to the minute news, events, and mixes from The Fusion Factory Interactive Dance Parties today.



Thanks for organizing such a wonderful event for the public/our customers. It was organized efficient and couldn't of ran any smoother.  Your volunteers were very courteous and made us feel at home. I appreciate that! They did a wonderful job.  Thank you for providing us the opportunity to be involved. Pease let us know when you have set a date for next year, and please include us!! From all the staff at dino bouncers!! -Sandy


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